Lab Information

Office Cleaning
Mon 11:30
both personal (desk) and communal areas (microwave, fridge, sink, bench) need to be tidied up

Organic Lab
Every Friday

Mon 11:00
both personal (bench) and communal areas (balance, centrifuge, gel area) need to be tidied up

Group 1 Rota 
– purchase items on whiteboard
– stock up glove, tissue, ethanol and other items available from the store
– refill deionised water
– autoclave bio-waste
– clean up sink area and bring dried glassware back to the cupboard
– clean balance and gel electrophoresis area
– replace four communal buffers, (i.e. SDS PAGE running buffer, resolving and stacking buffer, 50x TAE, magic stain)

Group 2 Rota
– Stack tips when pipette tip boxes are empty
– Replace water in water bath monthly